Education Management PhD Programs

An education management PhD is designed for teachers who are interested in a career as a principal or other senior manager in a school, school district or college.  This page provides information on what is studied in these degrees and where you can study them on campus or by online and distance learning.

Education management is concerned with allocating human, physical, financial and other resources in a school or college. Management is sometimes confused with leadership – but they are different. However, management is closely linked to leadership, which is about persuading people and allocating resources to achieve strategic results.

Most people who study a PhD education management are already licensed teachers or school administrators wishing to further their career in management.  Before taking a PhD you will need to have completed a relevant education masters.

Many people prefer to take online PhD educational management programs rather than campus-based programs This page mainly has links to online programs, but if you wish to take a campus-based program instead then try searching for links at On Campus Programs.

What do education management PhD programs cover?

Education management doctorates (and variants such as a PhD in community college leadership) provide the expertise needed and enhance your career potential in school and college management.  They are designed for teachers who are interested in a career as a principal or other senior manager in a school, school district or college.  Such degrees prepare you for leadership and a wide variety of management tasks, including: overseeing budgets, monitoring progress of student and programs, working with the community, advocating for the school or college and dealing with legal issues.  Programs will probably include some taught courses from a relevant masters programs to cover these topics.

Education management doctorates will also include a thesis in which you can choose a theme or topic that suits your career or interests.  Programs might also include an internship experience in school administration at the principal level and an action research project.

What jobs do education management online degrees prepare you for?

In the United States, educational manager can work in various instructional settings.  Graduates with a PhD in education management are equipped to pursue a career as a principal of a elementary, middle, or secondary school; academic dean; department chair; or other administrative and leadership position.

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